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    Posted: 7 July 2020

    In the 4th semester of RegionArts Baltan drafted an initial action plan focussing on closing the gap from concept to implementation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Baltan digitally joined Exchange of Experience 6 organised by University of Lapland (Finland). Subsequently, Baltan organised an online Local Stakeholder Group Meeting.

    Local Stakeholder Group Meeting Semester 4
    On June 15th, Baltan Laboratories organised an online Local Stakeholder Group meeting. In the context of closing the gap from concept to implementation, we invited stakeholders from art, ICT and policy. The purpose was to introduce the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) schedule as a frame of reference for artistic and concept driven projects, in order to enhance visibility, tangibility and outreach of TDK in the Eindhoven region. By asking the local stakeholders what is needed for such a development to be put into practice, Baltan used their input to come up with a pilot project to be used as an example for developing TDK from concept to implementation. In addition to this, there was an exchange of ideas regarding the initital concept draft for the Night for Arts & ICT event in September. The session was led by Marlou van der Cruijsen.

    Participating parties: Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven365, Venturespring, Hyperspace Collective, Manifestiations, Fontys Creative Economy, Joanknecht, Sioux.

    Based on the outcomes of the Local Stakeholder Group meeting, Baltan acknowledges the bigger need to both more frequently and effectively showcase the number of potentially strong concepts that are yet present in the Eindhoven region, in order for them to be effectively implemented. Important challenges for the Eindhoven region are to make the TDK-identity more tangible and visible in public space and to allow concepts and companies to find each other better. A good transition from concept to implementation makes a positive contribution to both the creative sector and the ICT sector. If both Baltan and the local stakeholders, successfully develop this process in Eindhoven, this will have a positive impact on several sectors in the city and region as a whole, as well as on Eindhoven's positioning within the Netherlands.

    From Baltan’s interactions with relevant stakeholders it shows that there is still room for addition and improvement to strengthen this chain from a creative idea to implementation. In the coming period within RegionArts, Baltan wants to focus on ways to anchor this in a more structural way into policy-making. For this, Baltan uses a method from technology to classify concepts within 9 Readiness Levels from concept to realization and we combine this method with Baltan's knowledge to deploy artistic concepts and interventions in companies and organizations.

    In the coming period we will discuss these questions, challenges and opportunities in greater depth with the stakeholders. Next to that we will organise an Arts & ICT event in September 2020.

    Exchange of Experience 6
    In semester 4 the 6th Exchange of Experience took place, originally planned in Rovaniemi, but unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, turned into an online meeting. Although the program had to be changed quite a lot, in the online meeting the responsible partner managed to organize a workshop on making the action plan. Also, the partner arranged for some people to share their experience and tips for writing the action plan.

    This was really valuable, it gave us insight in things to take into account while writing an action plan. The workshop provided us with a template to use to structure our ideas and finding over the course of the RegionArts program and put these in a format that helps us with the actual development of the action plan. Moreover, this template pushed us to become more concrete about the goals and actions that are part of the plan for Eindhoven.

    Policy Booklet 2
    Our second Policy Booklet is out now! Discover the support measures promoting connections between artists and ICT. For this second policy booklet, Baltan included the Programma Creatieve Industrie by Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven. It is the program's ambition to realize exemplary and innovative projects/activities in the field of creative industry. The objective of the Programma Creatieve Industrie is to create a chain of cultural education to the top in Eindhoven to further expand the creative industry at national and international level.

    About RegionArts
    The multi-year Interreg Europe program RegionArts aims to promote collaboration between art and ICT. Within the program we explore how policy can play a role in this. Ultimately, each partner delivers a policy advice / action plan with recommendations to enhance art and ICT collaborations in its own region. Partners in RegionArts come from: Italy, Croatia, Finland, Portugal, Belgium, Greece and the Netherlands. Within RegionArts, Baltan Laboratories focuses on the Noord-Brabant/Eindhoven region.


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