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    Posted: 6 July 2020

    Learn more about Fabricating Alternatives.

    A toolkit for beyond now ideas!

    Within the RegionArts program, Baltan explores ways to support arts and ICT projects on their journey from concept to implementation. Fabricating Alternatives (a catalyst for beyond now ideas) is such a project. Imagination of Things, in collaboration with Baltan, developed a toolkit for innovation that helps form radical ideas and thought provoking questions.

    The multi-year Interreg Europe program RegionArts aims to promote collaboration between art and ICT. The program explores how policies can support and promote these collaborations. Baltan Laboratories is partner in RegionArts, focussing on the region of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. For this region, Baltan more specifically explores ways to support projects on the intersection of art and ICT on their journey from concept to implementation.

    An example of such a project on the intersection of art and ICT is Fabricating Alternatives. Imagination of Things, in collaboration with Baltan, developed a toolkit that helps you to form radical ideas and provoking questions around any topic that you and your team are exploring.

    Imagination of Things is a creative studio based in Amsterdam. Fabricating Alternatives is infused with their methodology around design fiction and our playful personality. Originally intended to help ideation sessions, they ended with an AI card deck that sparks thoughtful interaction.

    RegionArts partners are convinced of the need of integrating arts in ICT for SME innovation and competitiveness. As regional authorities, business development agencies and creative clusters, they have been working on promoting these cross-overs for the last years. It is the program’s objective to improve the implementation of funds in the partner regions, through adapting or designing one support scheme in each region that promotes the collaborations between artists and ICT companies.

    Partners of RegionArts are: Porto Polytechnic Institute (Lead partner – Portugal); ASTER Stock Joint Consortium (Italy); Baltan Laboratories (the Netherlands); KEPA Business and Cultural Development Centre (Greece); SERN StartUp Europe Regions Network (Belgium); University of Lapland (Finland); Koprivnicki Business Support Institution (Croatia); Molise Region (Italy)

    RegionArts is a multiyear program (2018 - 2023), funded by Interreg Europe.

    Video by Corradino Garofalo.


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    RegionArts video by: Corradino Garofalo

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