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    Posted: 1 July 2009

    The day consisted of a short presentation of the work and manifesto of Conditional Design, and four drawing sessions: two Conditional Drawing sessions in the morning, two Custom Rules sessions in the afternoon.

    A extensive overview of all of the elements of the workshop can be found on the Conditional Design website. And many more photos can be found on BALTAN’s flickr set. Photos by Boudewijn Bollmann.

    We would like to thank Edo and Jonathan as well as all of the following participants for their enthusiasm and creativity throughout the day.

    Uro Ben-Ari
    Uri Ben-Ari (Israel, 1975) is an architect, translator and photographer. After spending five years of his childhood in Germany and Switzerland, Ben-Ari moved with his family to Israel, graduated high school and entered military service in 1994. In 1999, after working part-time as translator, interpreter and gardener, Ben-Ari entered architecture studies in the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem, from which he graduated in 2004. Ben-Ari has since been employed in several offices in Tel-Aviv, most notably Ram Karmi Architects, and spent several months in the Netherlands as an intern and freelance architect in Dutch offices before finally moving to Eindhoven in 2008. Uri Ben-Ari currently works independently on architecture, design and literary translation, usually involving German, English, and Hebrew. His current pastime interests are sports, reading, photography and getting to grips with the Dutch language.

    Charlotte Dumoncel d’Argence
    Charlotte Dumoncel d'Argence completed a bachelor in industrial design at Olivier de Serres in Paris, then a Master in design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Since then she is developing personal projects within the collective Atelierdorp in a church in Eindhoven.

    Juan Esteban Rios
    Formed as an industrial designer and a self-taught electronic music producer, Juan Esteban Rios always wanted to combine his professional knowledge with his passion for new media and electronic arts. After working in Bogotá-Colombia, Juan moves to The Netherlands to join the Master in Humanitarian Design and Sustainable Living at the Design Academy Eindhoven where he graduates with the Master thesis ‘sharing culture, sharing media’ a project that addresses the ways in which design can help to develop new scenarios for broadcasting and transmitting information and opinion in an all-media world.

    Lorna Goulden
    Lorna Goulden graduated from Sheffield University (Design and Technology, first class honors, 1992) and Royal College of Art London (Computer Related Design, 1996) before joining Philips Design’s Interaction Design team in Eindhoven. Since then she has worked closely with Philips Research and Business groups in both Europe, Asia and the US on interaction concepts and new product development. In 1999 she set up and managed a reformed interactive design team developing an Experience Design approach that has evolved into being widely employed by Philips Design today. During this period she also taught at the Design Academy in Eindhoven in the ‘Man and Activity’ group. Today she works as the Lead Creative Direction Manager responsible for innovation and strategic projects that are carried out for external clients. For example the recent ‘Creating a Public Lighting Experience’ for Strijp-S where she developed a vision and concept scenarios and is now supervising an innovative public lighting development in Eindhoven. In addition to her work at Philips Lorna is also on the steering committee of the Virtueel Platform in Amsterdam and is a member of a local photography group currently working on a collaborative project for exhibition later this year.

    Eric de Haas
    Eric de Haas works as an independent graphic designer with a strong focus on typography and editorial work. After graduating from the Rietveld Academy in 2003, he moved to Eindhoven in 2004 where he started his design practice. Triggered by the local absence of certain input in combination with a vast potential of creative space, he organised/initiated several events, ranging from a typography workshop to performance nights and from a screenprint workshop to a self-published newspaper during the Dutch Design Week.

    Lucas van Hapert
    Intern working with designer Eric de Haas.

    Carmin Karasic
    Carmin Karasic is a professional multimedia artist focused on information technology art. Before moving to Eindhoven, NL in 2006, she was a core faculty member at The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. Currently she produces tech based artworks and teach online technology courses. She has an MFA in Visual Arts and over 20 years experience in information technology. Her work can be seen online and has been exhibited in the US in Massachusetts, New York, California, and Texas, and internationally in Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, England, and Canada. Her most recent artwork is human^n, an interactive kaleidoscope which was featured in the Boston Cyberarts Festival and is presently exhibited at the Boston Museum of Science, Boston, MA, USA through Sept. 8, 2009.

    Lucas Maassen
    Designer and lecturer, Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven.

    Olga Mink
    Olga Mink is werkzaam als filmmaker, media-kunstenares en curator. Haar werk varieert van live video performances, interactieve kunst, video-installaties, muziekvideo en animatie. In haar werk concentreert zij zich op de representatie van de werkelijkheid in het digitale. Zij zoekt hierin naar interdisciplinaire raakvlakken op het gebied van poezie, muziek, fotografie, natuur, dans, architectuur, openbare ruimte en/of maatschappelijke thema’s. Samenwerking en het creeeren van grensverleggende methodes is een belangrijke aspect in het ontwikkelen van nieuw werk. De afgelopen jaren werkte zij nauw samen met muzikanten als Scanner, Michel Banabila, Eric Vloeimans, The Black Dog en Lady Aida. Op internationaal vlak heeft ze werk gepresenteerd op toonaangevende festivals, universiteiten en musea als Sonar in Spanje, Tate Brittain in London, Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven en Empac (RPI) in New York. Haar project met Scanner heeft geleid tot diverse opdrachten, zoals onlangs voor de Biennale van de Canarische eilanden. Met het live cinema project ‘The Nature of Being’ tourden ze door Noord-America als onderdeel van het internationaal vermaarde Onedotzero. Naast haar werkzaamheden als video-producer en kunstenares is zij werkzaam als curator en programma-maker in audiovisuele media en live cinema. Ze programmeerde en organiseerde diverse (open air) events voor State of the Image, Imageradio festival, en Plaza Futura in Eindhoven. Mink woont en werkt in Nederland.

    Erik Overmeire

    Frank Roosen
    Teacher, ICT Media Design, Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven

    Jose Subero
    Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Trained as an architect, has taken part in landscape architecture projects around the caribbean. Has been invited to collaborate in art projects in Santo Domingo, the Netherlands and Brazil. Recent work includes Natureza Urbana, a project from which he obtained his MA in the program Man & Humanity at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Natureza Urbana a project based in São Paulo, Brazil where taking advantage of the momentum of change brought by the (2007) recent advertisement ban in the city, tries to use the former ad structures as mediums that highlight the parts of the city that they once covered.

    Michelle Teran
    Michelle Teran (Canada) explores the interplay between social and media networks within urban environments, She uses performative action, many times involving public participation, to articulate the relation of media to the body and architecture by staging urban interventions such as tours, walks, outdoor projections, participatory installations and happenings. These projects involve working within different locations, social and cultural contexts and are the direct results of occupying spaces and cultivating exchanges. She has talked, performed, exhibited at events and venues throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia such as the Transmediale Festival, Ars Electronica, ISEA, BEAP, V2, Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, Medialab Prado, Theater der Welt, Impakt Festival, CCCB/MACBA, SONAR, ARCO International Art Fair, Vooruit, HAU2, Nabi, Performance Space, Waag Society for Old and New Media and the World Wide Web. She lives and works in Berlin and is currently artist in residence at BALTAN Laboratories in Eindhoven, developing a new site-specific project for flux-s, an annual cross-disciplinary art manifestation to take place at Strijp-S in Eindhoven in September 2009.

    Dries Verbruggen
    Designer and lecturer Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven.

    Bärbel van Zanten
    Studied Industrial Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven and Design Research at the European Design Institute. Worked as freelance interior and textile designer from 1995 – 2000. Currently employed as strategic consultant for Philips Design, for 8 years. Involved in translating contextual stakeholder insight into people centric innovation and communication strategies. My aim is to understand people and the world they live in and enable businesses and industries to develop solutions that bring quality to people’s lives.


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