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    Posted: 23 June 2009

    Urban Surfing in Eindhoven's canals

    The City is Creative explores the daily creative acts taking place throughout Eindhoven that are often overlooked. Michelle Teran approached different people in the city who published videos on YouTube and invited them to remake one of their videos within the abandoned factory buildings at Strijp-S, the former Philips industrial terrain and future site of urban development project ‘The Creative City’. Visitors to flux-s can experience these reinterpretations through an exploratory interactive installation on the first floor of the buildings where the videos were recorded. This creates a double facade. The video makers never imagined that their works would be exhibited beyond the realms of YouTube, and the public are exposed to the untapped creativity of the city.

    In addition, a series of documents from conversations and interviews between the artist and the creators brings together biographical information, observations and comments about the past, present and future state of The Creative City of Strijp-S as well as personal experiences about exploration, movement, play and discovery.

    The City is Creative is project by Michelle Teran and co-produced by flux-s and BALTAN Laboratories.


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