• Sensory Reality Pod: SENSIKS. 

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    Posted: 16 February 2017

    Extending the AR and VR domain

    Interactive multisensory immersive experience cabin officially launched at Innovation for Health 2017


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    On Thursday February 16th, during the Innovation for Health conference in Rotterdam, SENSIKS. presented the prototype of its Sensory Reality Pod, an interactive multisensory immersive experience cabin. Baltan Laboratories is involved in the conceptual development.

    The Sensory Reality Pod provides a whole new domain in the augmented- and virtual realities by creating a mixed-immersive experience. A typical experience consists of audiovisual components, smell, temperature, airflow, vibration, taste and light frequencies, by combining the properties of various modules which are mounted within the cabin.

    This modular hardware is linked to a user-friendly software platform on which everyone can compose custom experiences. From the end of March2017, Baltan will have one of the SENSIKS. cabins available on-site for everyone who is interested in exploring the role of ‘experience-jockey’ by composing experiences for the SENSIKS. cabin. Stay tuned through Baltan’s social media channels, details will become available soon. Read more in the official press release (Dutch only)…

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