• Speculative Scenarios, or what will happen to born-digital art in the (near) future? 

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    Posted: 5 August 2013

    New publication, edited by Annet Dekker

    There is a growing understanding of the use of technological tools for dissemination or mediation in the museum, but artistic experiences that are facilitated by new technologies are less familiar. Whereas the artworks presentation equipment becomes obsolete and software updates change settings and data feeds that are used in artworks, the language and theory relating to these works is still being formulated. To better produce, present and preserve digital works, an understanding of their history and the material is required to undertake any in-depth inquiry into the subject. In an attempt to fill some gaps the authors in this publication discuss digital aesthetics, the notion of the archive and the function of social memory. These essays and interviews are punctuated by three future scenarios in which the authors speculate on the role and function of digital arts, artists and art organisations.

    With contributions by Christiane Berndes (Van Abbemuseum), Sarah Cook (CRUMB), Annet Dekker (, Sandra Fauconnier (Museum Boijmans van Beuningen), Olga Goriunova (University of Warwick), Jussi Parikka (University of Southampton), Christiane Paul (Whitney Museum), Richard Rinehart (Samek Art Gallery), Edward Shanken (DXARTS University of Washington), Jill Sterrett (SFMOMA), Nina Wenhart (independent researcher), Layna White (SFMOMA). Made possible with support by Eindhoven City Council, Virtueel Platform/The New Institute.

    The book can be obtained through our website. To read the online version on ISSUU follow this link.


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