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    Posted: 6 April 2020

    Occupation does not only refer to the usage of physical space. It means using space for protest or as instrument for activism and change on a personal and societal level. It also refers to a way of being immersed in ones work or a topic that occupies not only our minds but even our lifestyle. We are constantly the occupier and the occupied, consciously and unconsciously. The initiative 'Occupy Baltan' has grown into an organic word of mouth community, where we explore and challenge each other to discuss and organise ideas based on "current occupations".

    In the coming weeks we will introduce our occupants. The first occupant is Sunjoo Lee, filmmaker and visual artist. Sunjoo Lee was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea and currently based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Sunjoo Lee enjoys working with various media such as film, installation and drawing. In her projects she unfolds how technology occupies our behaviour and understanding through the stories we create around man-made objects, systems and environments.

    As the occupant at Baltan, Sunjoo Lee is currently conducting a research project about myths on electronics/technology, with the use of creative storytelling from different cultural backgrounds. “I am interested in comparing the contemporary rumours and fantasies to myths from the past—comparing how ancient humans used stories to understand nature, with how todays humans understand complex technology.”

    Her project interrogates how people perceive and talk about technology, and how this affects their interaction with technology. What are people’s fantasies on everyday technology such as house appliances? How do ancient myths and folklores compare to those of today?

    “Myths are fascinating because they vary depending on cultures, but also share common traits across many cultures. Through mythical stories we can examine how a culture deals with their environment. Often old myths tell stories in which objects and the environment overpower humans. I like the possibility of using myths and folktales in re-examining and re-structuring the anthropocentric approach in our contemporary world views.“

    **If you want to get in touch with Sunjoo Lee or learn more about what keeps her busy, have a look at her website or write her a direct mail:


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