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    Posted: 8 July 2023

    The Body is a Movement

    Baltan Laboratories & Onomatopee @ Sectie-C for Dutch Design Week 2023

    For Dutch Design Week 2023 (21 - 29 October 2023) we are looking for projects around the body to be featured in our exhibition The Body is a Movement at Sectie-C. How can we rid our bodies of capitalist structures of efficiency, quantification and productivity? How can we reclaim our bodies, allowing ourselves to feel, rest, enjoy and connect to the world around us?

    Practical info
    What we would like to know from you:
    • Who you are. Please send us your bio/CV (PDF).
    • What you would like to present and how you want to present it (incl. the space required and any material support). Please send us your project proposal including a presentation plan (PDF).
    • About your practice and previous projects. Please send us your portfolio (PDF).
    • How the project looks. Please send max 5 pictures we can use to promote your project in case you are selected.

    Send your application by August 25 via email to info@baltanlaboratories.org.
    In case you have questions or doubts, please feel free to reach out to Sarie via email: sarie@baltanlaboratories.org.

    We will support your presentation with the following:
    • Material budget to support the presentation of your project: for the selected projects we have a (limited) material budget to present your project and can support with screens/beamers/equipment if needed (depending on your needs).
    • Exhibition design: We will take care of the overall exhibition design and the production of information texts etc. about you and your project.
    • Hosting of the exhibition: We will provide hosts for the exhibition during the time of the DDW, this means that you don’t have to be there the entire time during the ten days of DDW.
    • Communication: your project will be included in the program description on the DDW website and on the DDW map, and in the communication from Onomatopee and Baltan about the exhibition.
    • You will have a space to present your project as part of the official program of DDW 2023. This year, Sectie-C will be our exhibition space. It is a space which hosts events, exhibitions as well as companies and is currently a residence place for more than 250 artists and creatives. It is located in Daalakkersweg 2, 5641 JA Eindhoven. DDW plays an important role in its activity and every year the space becomes a part of the event with exhibitions of its residents as well as external designers and artists.

    About The Body is a Movement:
    The body: the collection of organs wrapped up in the skin, filled with fluids, feelings, and sensations. It is our way to experience and respond to our surroundings, to feel and make sense. It tells us when something is off. We wake up at night with a rushed heartbeat from the stress we experienced the day before, our bellies ache from witnessing others' suffering, or our backs hurt from working behind a laptop for too long. While living in capitalist structures, our bodies have become vehicles for profit. To be optimized for productivity. To be constantly working. To be efficient and to be quantified. While our basic physical needs, such as sleep, end up as the very last entries of our never-ending to-do lists. Be productive, be active, be beautiful, enhance yourself, walk more, ignore your feelings, keep going. But what about our biological clocks, which know our rhythms and needs? What about the disarming sense of pleasure triggered by flavours, scents or erotic play? These beautiful, astonishing, wondrous bodies of ours, capable of experiencing so much joy and excitement—how can we reclaim them?

    For The Body is a Movement, Baltan and Onomatopee aim to rethink the gym. We want to create a gym that restores our connection to our bodies, to accept and celebrate the bodies we have and make them our own again. During The Body is a Movement change can be practiced and embodied by our participants and audience. The exhibition will be a space for training and rehearsing other ways of being in and with our bodies, be it through movement, rest or connection with others. Our bodies are a collection of other bodies, such as bacteria in our guts or the bodies of plants we eat. We also live with other bodies - other human bodies, animal bodies, plants and non-living bodies. How can we move together with them, nourishing instead of exhausting each other?

    We all are living and breathing bodies making sense of the world around us. By turning to our collective embodied knowledge and grounding ourselves in our bodies we can find comfort and a sense of security when facing the complex reality around us. With the solid foundation of our bodies, we can restore our capacity to constructively act upon the problems we face.

    About Baltan and Onomatopee
    For DDW 2023, Onomatopee and Baltan Laboratories join forces to carve out space to rehearse more intuitive, embodied approaches to ourselves and our surroundings.

    Baltan Laboratories is a cultural interdisciplinary lab based in Eindhoven. In the past, it engaged in rethinking the existing economic system and exploring the role of emerging technologies in art, design and society. In the most recent projects, Baltan has been exploring the methods to reclaim our body and our embodied presence as a part of natural and social systems.

    Onomatopee is a curating and editorially-led public gallery and a publisher of award-winning materials. The publications and exhibitions they curated challenged topics such as the body as a part of the public space or the invisibility of maternal experience in society.


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