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    Posted: 20 August 2019

    Location: Eindhoven, Strijp-S, The Netherlands

    Duration: November 1st until December 15th, 2019

    Baltan Laboratories and Trudo jointly offer a 6-week residency period, on the future of housing and urban development. Deadline for submitting your proposal is September 20th, 2019. Notification for acceptance will be sent before September 29th, 2019.

    This shared residency offers highly promising creatives the opportunity to conduct artistic and technical research and to develop personal work, which must lead to experiment and innovation around urban development and focus on the needs of the local community. An important guiding principle for this residency is to investigate how citizens, institutions, organizations and entrepreneurs can take more initiative and ownership when it comes to their immediate environment.

    Trudo and Baltan Laboratories have established this residency in order to stimulate crossovers and experimentation, as well as to initiate new collaborations. The program acts as a driver for talent development for professional creatives, with a focus on social issues and aims at artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs, working at the intersection of social- and urban design, community art and architecture.

    Historic Context
    Strijp-S is a neighborhood and former industrial park in the Eindhoven district of Strijp. The area belonged to electronics company Philips. With the departure of Philips, the plan was implemented to develop the area into a broad destination for the creative sector, including technology and design, under the headline Old Buildings, New Ideas. Since 2008 creative companies and housing have been established in the former industrial buildings.

    Urban Transformation
    To maintain and increase the distinctive power of the area, the focus was put on special concepts with regard to living, working, recreation, hospitality and retail. Old factories were transformed into buildings that people love and embrace, ensuring that Strijp-S became sustainable in terms of public space and open for sustainable energy and circularity. We now see a highly urban environment with high density and an exciting mix of functions and users. A lively area that is different and complementary to people’s needs. The idea of a lively urban environment which continuously breathes is described in Trudo’s first policy statements for the area: “Strijp-S should have the capacity to accommodate to people over and over again. Strijp-S must preserve and safeguard its special identity and unique qualities, and as such be an added value to the city.”

    Future Mission?
    Strijp-S has become a very successful project, but it’s not quite there yet. For example, how can we establish new and stronger connections between people and organizations that use Strijp-S? How do we encourage and facilitate a sense of community? How do we establish shared ownership? How can people be involved in establishing smart collaborations, such as energy- or management cooperatives? How can we respond to issues related to housing and sustainability, affordability and social inclusion? Together with others, Trudo succeeded in transforming Strijp-S into the creative heart of Eindhoven Brainport, a task yet to be completed with the last building plots to fill in. A post-industrial area and an example of urban transformation internationally. Now, we need to make sure the area stays ahead and unfolds its full potential.

    Driver for Creativity
    Baltan and Trudo invite creatives, artists and designers, to think about this area as a driver of creativity and innovation in the city, and to test their ideas within the professional field of social housing. During the residency, artists and designers are given the opportunity to propose and develop ideas based on the following themes:

    The Rise of the Urban Commons
    Within this theme the concept of the urban commons, cooperation and mutual trust is explored. How can sustainable management of (urban) resources be provided by self-organizing communities at Strijp-S?

    The Future of Living & Social Housing
    This theme explores the challenges in (social) housing regarding affordability, renewable energy and social inclusion.

    The Future of Strijp-S
    This theme explores broader topics related to the future of the area in terms of urban development, social communities, the role of technology and design and the notion of smart society, placemaking and so on.

    Who should apply?
    We invite international creative professionals working in the field of social design, community art, urban development, urban design and architecture to apply. Applications may contain a concrete project proposal or a research trajectory. We request a thorough description of plans, process and research that the applicant wants to execute during the residency period.

    The resident is requested to give 1 or 2 presentations about the research and to complete the residency period with a presentation/exhibition in which the process and the results are being presented. The Baltan exhibition space in Natlab, former Philips Physics Laboratory, will be available for this.

    Work period and financial support
    The work period starts November 1st until December 15th, 2019. A total sum of 10.000 EUR (ex. VAT) is available for the selected project. This includes travel, material, per diem, honorarium, exhibition, technical support and transportation expenses for the project. The costs of the studio and the accommodation will be covered during the full residency period. Baltan will take on the artistic supervision of the program and will be responsible for financial administration during the residency period.

    Send an application containing:
    – CV (PDF, max. 2 pages)
    – Relevant portfolio (PDF, max. 3 pages)
    – Link to website
    – Short video in which you introduce yourself and your idea (max. 1 min.)
    – Description including idea and research; how the plan will be executed/presented within the context of Strijp-S, focusing on expected output and financial planning (max. 2-3 pages)

    The proposal should be submitted via email no later than September 23th 12:00, 2019: info[at]

    The final selection will be made by Baltan Laboratories and Trudo. Notification for acceptance will be sent before September 29th, 2019. Any further agreements will be made after this notification between the selected resident and Baltan Laboratories.

    Download the open call as a .PDF file.

    About Trudo
    Trudo is a housing organization in Eindhoven that is slightly different. They made name for themselves with special projects, innovative products and pioneering initiatives. Their focus is not on real estate, but on the people they house. Trudo

    Video impression of Strijp-S (Trudo, 2018)

    About Baltan
    Baltan initiates experimentation on the crossroads of art, design, science and technology, evoking inquisitive ideas and insights by bridging the gaps between disciplines. The lab functions as a collaborative mindset and network, connecting curious individuals and organizations. Baltan Laboratories

    More information
    The residency is part of one of Baltan's three main topics; Homo Socialis. This topic investigates the tension between the individual and the collective. Within this topic, the paradox of individualism is explored and counterbalanced with our deepest human desire to be part of a larger whole, such as a community.

    This project is kindly supported by Creative Industries Fund NL, Provincie Noord-Brabant and Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven.


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