• Liminal Space Residency concluded. 

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    Posted: 26 March 2021

    It’s a wrap! Liminal Space Residency concluded.

    Artist Talk with Seira Uchida and Teresa Feldmann

    The pandemic, as a collective liminal space unwittingly divided us physically but it also brought forth a more intimate space for (digital) connectivity. One thing that can be said is that, fuelled by the global pandemic, the need for making new narratives and new ways to unfold stories is undeniable present and urgent. The online residency connected two artist from different parts of the world who didn’t know each other. Their collaboration led to the development of new ideas and insights on how to open up towards a more diverse, a more rich, a more caring, and a more inclusive way of telling and creating stories.

    After 6 weeks of working together and sharing ideas, the Liminal Space Residency organised by Art Initiative Tokyo and Baltan Laboratories has come to an end. The results of the online collaboration will soon be presented in a (digital) publication.

    Artists Teresa Feldmann and Seira Uchida presented their projects in a video presentation, which was screened with a live discussion on ZOOM. In addition to that, Linda Köke wrote a report for AIR Brabant about the Liminal Space Residency after an interview with the artists involved and with Shintaro Tokairin (AIT) and Olga Mink (Baltan Laboratories), the organisers behind the residency project.

    Stay tuned for the publication to be announced soon. Meanwhile you can watch the presentation video here and read the interview on AIR Platform in Dutch or English.


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    Artist Talk with Seira Uchida and Teresa Feldmann

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