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    Posted: 4 November 2011

    Today, we are confronted with many developments that have a huge influence on architecture. In the fields of finance, ecology and media many changes take place. In relation to media, two questions are of special interest to us.

    1. What should be the floor plan for a house in 2010? The media era has a huge effect on our social behavior and housing needs. How can this be translated into the ideal floor plan?

      1. What should be the floor plan for a media pavilion in 2010? “Wherever I lay my iPad, that is my home.” - Current media technologies make it possible to carry personal files and networks everywhere. Is it possible to design a public space (pavilion) that also gives you the feeling and comfort of being home?

    The strategy for this research is to develop a design that combines the program of a single house with the program of the Poeme Numerique Pavilion (PNP) into one. The program of the PNP is defined by Baltan Laboratories as follows:

    A. Inside panorama projection: 360 degrees canvas with a horizon, modular.
    B. Spatial sound, mobile and modular.
    C. Outside panorama projection and sound.
    D. Mobile, all-weather, all-terrain, autonomous and autarkic.
    E. Possible events: concerts, presentations, installations, movies, exhibitions, ect.
    F. Possible sleeping accommodations.

    If one combines this program with that of a Dutch single family house (that mainly consists of entrance, sanitary room, living room, dining room kitchen, storage, three sleeping rooms and bathroom), a specific design can be developed. The design of the pavilion, containing a kitchen and a bathroom, is made of 11 modular units of 6x3 meters. From the entrance, one easily gets to the first exhibition space at ground level. Also events are possible here. That is the reason to have a kitchen and a bathroom on this level as well. The stairs lead to the exhibition space on the next level. Another staircase leads to the surround panorama room, where 360 degree presentations are possible. From here the stairs lead to a small gallery. The next stairs lead back to the entrance hall. A separate space for the back office is placed on the roof.

    The outer wall of the pavilion consists of several media façades. Behind the media façades, 60 cm depth is reserved for technology. These extra volumes generate the plastic composition of the building as a whole. Also, it generates a covered entrance door.

    The result is a very flexible pavilion. By placing just a few inner walls, it also functions as a comfortable single house. If one changes the outside cladding into wood for example, a beautiful sculpture comes into being. The Baltan House is a project by Maurer United Architects [MUA] under the umbrella of Baltan’s Poème Numérique research programme. In cooperation with Telcosystems and Geert Mul, a new approach towards the development of 'media architecture' is being tested.


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