• Untourage #4 - Age of Wonderland 

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    Posted: 19 December 2016

    Untourage is a webseries of videotours guided by artists/designers or scientists/technologists, depending on the tour location.

    For the fourth episode of Untourage, we come back to Baltan Laboratories for a tour of Age of Wonderland expo, guided by Denvis (musician, actor and filmmaker), with our Age of Wonderland fellows (creators of the project presented) and Baltan team.

    The guide is challenged to explain something outside their expertise in a playful way to a savvy public. Each video captures highlights of a live experiment that serves as a catalyst for interdisciplinary discussion. An artist might ‘misinterpret’ scientific research. A scientist might ‘fail’ at describing conceptual art. These ‘failures’, or knowledge gaps, offer an opportunity for insight through alternative perspectives.

    Location:Age of Wonderland (Expo @ Natlab during DDW16).

    The Age of Wonderland programme revolves around the understanding that we need a more robust collaboration between creative makers and thinkers from all over the world. When it comes to the great challenges of our time, we need to act on a global scale – to secure a liveable, inclusive society and planet. The programme is jointly developed and implemented by Hivos, Baltan Laboratories and the Dutch Design Week. Read more...

    Untour Guide: Denvis, musician, actor and filmmaker
    Group: Age of Wonderland Fellows + Baltan team

    Are you interested in the webseries? Do you want to propose yourself as the next untour guide? Do you want to host the new episode in your broad-minded company / cultural institution / museum? Send an email to: lorenzo [AT]


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    Untourage#4 - Age of Wonderland

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