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    Posted: 23 January 2023

    Vacancy for two new board members

    Deadline: The vacancy is closing on February 26.

    Baltan is looking for two new board members with 2 different profiles: one in informal/art education and/or activism; and one to contribute to our business development.

    Baltan is a cultural in(ter)disciplinary lab based in Eindhoven (NL). We focus on societal issues through a relational approach, creating spaces to rehearse living otherwise. We believe that the increasing complexity of our world and of the challenges we have to face, no longer allows for a strictly disciplinary, reductionist and western-based approach. In a world full of uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, the interactions and exchanges between different disciplines are fundamental to achieving a relational approach that responds to the environmental, political, social, economic and technological issues we must address today.

    Baltan has always been identified as a lab experimenting at the crossroads of art, science, design and technology. In the first years of Baltan, art and technology were the primary focus, together with media art. Over the years, we have progressively moved away from a technology/media-based discussion and critique in art and design to focus on societal challenges and how art and design could contribute to those. We recognise where we come from but move forward to remain meaningful and contemporary to the renewed cultural landscape and current urgencies.

    We think that, especially today, Baltan should fulfil its social role as a cultural institution in the permanent state of crisis we live in by becoming a site of discussion, learning and organizing towards the challenges we need to deal with. Culture in our vision should be one of the prominent agents of change, as we believe that change is primarily cultural and behavioural before political, infrastructural and solution-based.

    Baltan is increasingly involved in collaboration with other organisations and working in informal education and activism. For this reason, we are specifically interested in people who have experience in activism and informal or art-education. Next to that we are looking for a board member that could contribute to the further business development of Baltan with experience in e.g. business, marketing, legal matters. Baltan often works on collaboration projects funded by the European Commission. Candidates with experience in this field are encouraged to apply.

    What the position entails
    The effort includes attendance at board meetings and willingness to provide advice (by email or telephone) and contribute ideas for Baltan development. Board meetings on average take place 4 times a year, once a quarter in the Natlab in Eindhoven, just after regular working hours. A position on the Baltan board is unpaid. Compensation for travel expenses is provided. For more information about the role of a board member, we suggest to have a look at the Cultural Governance Code.

    We aim to have the new board members installed in March.

    How to apply
    Candidates can express their interest via email to both chairman of the board Carmin Karasic [carminka@gmail.com] and Baltan co-director Lorenzo Gerbi [lorenzo@baltanlaboratories.org]. Please send them your motivation letter and a CV/profile. The vacancy is closing on February 26.

    In case you have questions about the position, please contact Carmin Karasic [carminka@gmail.com]. For more information about Baltan Laboratories, please have a look at our website or contact Lorenzo Gerbi [lorenzo@baltanlaboratories.org].


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