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    Posted: 19 December 2020

    Yu Zhang

    seriously being that furniture

    We are happy to announce our new occupant Yu Zhang. Since 2019 Baltan facilitates artist and designers eager to collaborate and develop their ideas in the lab, which is part of the initiative ‘Occupy Baltan’. Occupation does not only refer to the usage of physical space. It means using space for protest or as instrument for activism and change on a personal and societal level. It also refers to a way of being immersed in ones work or a topic that occupies not only our minds but also our lifestyle. We are constantly the occupier and the occupied, consciously and unconsciously. The initiative 'Occupy Baltan' has grown into an organic word of mouth community, where we explore and challenge each other to discuss and organise ideas based on "current occupations".

    Trained as an artist, Yu Zhang (章聿) ( obtained her PhD on the theoretical and artistic practice of interactive technologies for large-scale public installations. In 2017, Yu launched her studio called STUDIO Ü in the Netherlands. She approaches visual art with sensor-based mixed reality installations and computational art. Her artistic practice is rooted in symbolism of Asian traditions, aiming to transform the unpacking of cultural signifiers into experiences of interactivity, connectivity and artistic expression.

    Since last year Yu’s new project “Seriously Being That Furniture” has been developed in the context of “Occupy Baltan”. This project consists of interactive technologies and distributed systems to explore different forms of smart furniture. Furniture that is connected with the internet which collects, exchanges and distributes data, through motion and visualization.

    This project will make use of Baltan’s physical space. Yu will take “Occupy Baltan” as an opportunity to get inspiration, feedback, and support from the experts and the public via workshops and meetups. Going beyond the practical contribution in this occupation, the development process, the results, and the evaluation of the interactive experience will result in an empirical research on the visitor’s experience when art and technology intersect.


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