What is the influence of light on meditation?

  • Awareness Lab Meditation Experiment 

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    Awareness Lab is currently developing a Meditation Lab Experimenter Kit

    Part of the WEAR Sustain pioneering wearables program

    Awareness Lab is hosting interactive mediations sessions as part of the development of their Meditation Lab Experimenter Kit on March 1st.

    In these sessions participants will meditate in small groups whilst wearing a Silence Suit. This is a suit for meditation which measures breath, pulse and posture. The goal of this experiments is to investigate the impact of light on the meditation experience.

    There will be several sessions throughout the day for both beginners and advanced meditation practitioners. Advanced meditators are people have been practicing regular or daily meditation for at least a year. If this doesn't apply to you, you are very welcome to join a group for beginners!

    Participation is free - registration neccesary.
    Please note - sessions will be held in DUTCH only

    The development of the Meditiation Lab Experimenter Kit is kindly supported by the EU WEAR Sustain program. The mediation experiments are organized in collaboration with Baltan Laboratories. Awareness Lab artist Danielle Roberts is part of the Baltan Laboratories' Hack the Body theme.

    Not able to make it on the 1st of March? Danielle will host additional sessions in Breda, registration for these dates is possible trough the eventbrite page.

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