Re-enactment performance Dick Raaijmakers

  • Ballad Erlkonig at Age of Wonder 

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    New performances of pioneering music compositions

    The evening begins with an introduction of Raaijmakers’ work. What impact did the years in the Natlab have on his later work? After the introduction the following inspiring compositions are performed again:

    - Canon 1 (tape composition from 1964 in a new spatial version for 8 speakers)
    - Mao Leve! Long live Mao! (tape composition with visual projections from 1977)
    - Canon 5 (tape composition from 1967) Ballad Erlkönig (tape composition with visual projections from 1967).

    About the performers
    Kees Tazelaar (1962) came in touch with the world of electronic music when in 1981 he followed a course at the Institute of Sonology at the University of Utrecht. In 1987 he continued his studies in The Hague at the Royal Conservatory. Since then he has been a teacher in composition and voltage control techniques at the Institute of Sonology. In May 2013, Kees Tazelaar received a Ph.D. from the Technical University for his dissertation On the Threshold of Beauty: Philips and the Origins of Electronic Music in the Netherlands 1925–1965.

    Johan van Kreij (1969) improvises and composes music. He studied Sonology (1994-98) at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Frequently he performs solo but does sessions with other musicians as well — among others the cello player Frances Marie Uitti. A long-running intensive cooperation, since 1998, with the choreographer Ted Stoffer has materialized as music composed to many dance performances, most recently 'Rencontres des Imbeciles' (2010/11) in which the music is performed live. He entered the field of music theatre trough collaborations with Dick Raaijmakers and Paul Koek. Since 2001 he has been a permanent member of the teaching staff at Sonology.

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