Kissing experiments with E.E.G. head sets

  • EEG Kiss 

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    Bring your own kissing partner!

    In E.E.G. KISS artists Lancel & Maat investigate how a kiss can be translated into data. Can we measure a kiss and what kissers feel together? Can we transfer a kiss and it’s intimacy online? Do we want to save our private kisses in a database - to be used by others?

    On Wednesday March 25, from 11:00 till 18:00 and from 19:00 till 21:00, and Thursday March 26, from 10:00 till 13:00, Lancel & Maat invite you and your partner for an EEG kissing experiment at Baltan Laboratories. During your kiss, your brain signals will be monitored and recorded (anonymously). Afterwards, the artist duo asks fifteen minutes of your time for an interview on how you have experienced your kiss and to help investigate if your findings are being reflected in the data.

    As places are limited, we ask you to contact us via so we can fit you in the schedule.

    More information about EEG kiss can be found on

    This experiment fits within Baltan’s Hack-the-Body program.

    About Hack the body

    As wireless sensors become more and more available for measurements of biometric signals (EEG, ECG, GSR…), we see an increased interest from the artistic and creative world to explore new concepts and to investigate and challenge several aspects of this new technological trend. We are convinced that these ‘cultural’ approaches offer a totally new angle to the traditional ‘market-oriented’ technological R&D approach and that both approaches can benefit from each other.

    Our goal is to bring together a number of (artistic) projects that share the same underlying idea: using sensor technology to investigate new concepts related to biometric measurements. EEG kiss is one of the projects that we actively support via a long-term collaboration.

    In synergy with our long-term program, we organize an Open Hack-the-Body Lab in April and May. We warmly welcome everyone who is (or wants to become) involved in a hack-the-body related project into our community.

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