A project by Angela de Weijer

  • Infinity Three: Earwitness Objects 

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    Experience infinite sound emanating from matter

    Limited edition performance

    Baltan proudly announces the premiere of the recent graduation project by audiovisual artist Angela de Weijer at the Faculty ArtScience of the Royal Conservatoire and Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. As part of Hallo Cultuur and Frequentie Strijp-S on Sunday 7 & 14 September you are cordially invited to visit the exhibition room in Natlab.

    The project Earwitness Objects is a guided listening experience, which creates a possibility space for infinite sound by disclosing carefully selected sound absorbing objects to the public. Inspired by Marconi's conviction of the eternal perpetuation of sounds as vibrating bodies in the air, this work adopts the notion of infinite sound as a hypothetical model to expand sonic perception. A procedural performance provides an optimal environment to experience the sonic energy contained within objects.

    About Angela
    Angela de Weijer (Eindhoven, NL) is an audiovisual artist, educator and cultural producer in the field of art and technology. She creates multidisciplinary experiences which operate on the border of the audible present and inaudible past. Angela is an honors graduate of the School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg, winner of the Jacques de Leeuw award, and recently completed her MA ArtScience at the Royal Conservatoire and Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. During these studies she researched the elusive notion of infinite sound and (im)possibility thereof, resulting in a play between imagination and dogma.

    This project is part of Hallo Cultuur! and Frequentie Strijp-S.
    Times of performance: 13.00/ 14.00/ 15.00/ 16.00/ 17.00h.

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