Slow Portfolio Date by KONT Magazine Special Edition!

  • 50% creatives, 50% technology enthusiasts. Can we make it? 

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    Discuss your artistic work with our communities

    Connect with other creators, get into collaborations!

    Are you a technology enthusiast, a creative, maker or curator and are you looking for an inspiring collaboration? For this Slow Portfolio Date, KONT Magazine and Baltan Laboratories will connect their communities so that you get the chance to have one on one meetings with other makers. The concept is very simple: during three or four rounds you will be matched with a stranger with whom you will converse about your work.

    We invite makers and nerds in the widest sense to join us at Baltan Laboratories, where art, design, science and technology meet: artists, writers, dancers, hackers, lace makers, video artists, programmers, musicians, photographers… even inventors and thinkers (philosophers, journalists, theoreticians) are most welcome. The intention is to connect passionate open minded creatives of different backgrounds and generations, to inspire each other and possibly find a fine match.

    50% creatives, 50% technology enthusiasts. Can we make it?

    Sign up for free, mention your name and add a short description of your passion or work:
    Entrance is free.

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