Spatial immersive sound installation at Natlab

  • Sonic Sprawl: Exhibition by Sophia Bulgakova 

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    The sonic transformation of space

    Summer exhibition from May 15th onwards

    Sonic Sprawl is a spatial immersive sound installation by artist Sophia Bulgakova, consisting of meters and meters of insulation pipes. These pipes transport sounds and spaces and are able to resonate sound from one location to another, creating a new type of network. Uniting and intertwining with their surroundings, the tubes have the capacity to transform narratives within an environment.

    By spreading out entities absorbing and shaping the space with its existence, the installation encourages visitors to rethink the idea of presence and rearrange their understanding of a physical space.

    The exhibition demonstrates pipes as a tool where the imaginary starts to exist in more than one dimension, by intertwining with reality and the perception of the viewer. Visitors are encouraged to interact, follow and listen to the pipes, exploring and developing new ways of sensing the place.

    Sonic Sprawl premiered at Sensing The Place, a collaborative project of the ArtScience Interfaculty and Sonic Acts and was presented at the Sonic Acts Academy 2018.

    About the artist
    Sophia Bulgakova (1997) was born in Odessa, Ukraine. She studied sculpture in Kyiv and obtained a foundation diploma in Photography and Time-Based Media in University of the Arts, London. Currently she is studying at ArtScience interfaculty in Royal Academy of the Art, The Hague and developing her practice as visual and performance artist.

    Most of her recent works are created with the intention of exploring a relation between light, perception and imagination. By creating spaces, situations or conditions, Bulgakova's work particularly addresses the individual perception of the audience and ways of seeing within the work itself.

    Opening hours
    Sunday - Friday from 10:00 onwards
    Saturday: from 12:00 onwards

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