• Fictional Journal Issue 03 Uncanny 

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    Posted: 5 November 2018

    Online publication

    Fictional Journal in collaboration with Baltan Laboratories presents Fictional Journal issue 03: Uncanny. The topic uncanny reflects on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein novel published exactly 200 years ago. In this online publication, the ambiguous relationship between creator and created is thoroughly interrogated. Eight designers and researchers reflect on this topic with video’s, graphics, interviews and essays.

    With contributions by Possible Bodies, Sjoerd ambiguous Borg, Paul Van Herk, Liudmila Savelieva, Thomas Grogan & Ivan Puzyrev, Penny Webb, Legrand Jäger, Jason Robert, Fictional Collective interviewing Lil Miquela & Blawko and Fictional Journal interviewing Simone C. Niquille.

    Explore the full publication through Fictional Journal.


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