Workshop: The Malbody Centre

  • by Marije Baalman 

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    The Malbody Centre is an exploratory workshop for prototyping touch interaction

    Join us on November 24th for an afternoon of experimentation

    Artist/researcher and Hack the Body partner Marije Baalman (NL) invites participants to explore possible interactions using touch, and experiments with different technological prototypes for measuring touch and different qualities of touch and haptic technologies during her workshop The Malbody Centre.

    The workshop is based on Baalman’s most recent project, in which a multi-participant experience takes place in a speculative future setting. The project takes a critical stance at body based sensing, the control of artificial intelligence over our experience of the world, and the ways in which our society deals with people who divert from the norm.

    Within this speculative setting, wearables have become body protheses that will mediate our senses, so called 'ebodilies'. These protheses are connected to networks controlled by large companies or states. During the workshop participants take on the role of a malbody, a person with ebodilies, who don’t function per the norm and must therefore be cast out of society, into The Malbody Centre.

    The workshop welcomes all people with an interest in the sense of touch and is aiming for a diversity of participants, e.g. with a background in body-based practices, physical computing hackers, game designers, interaction designers, students, and so on. The afternoon will be concluded with drinks.

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